VirtualBox with aMule - How to configure network, port forwarding... properly?

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – for security reasons I am running aMule inside VirtualBox. Guest and Host systems are Linux (to be more specific Arch 64 distro) Host system has public ip directly connected to internet (no router) Guest System I almost pure after installation (no iptables, etc only VirtualBox addons) I'd like to setup three ports for aMule: 4884, 4885, 4887 I'd love to use NAT VirtualBox interface, if possible For this case I've made following forwarding rules: VBoxManage modifyvm "$vm" --natpf1 "amule_u4,udp,,4884,,4884" VBoxManage modifyvm "$vm" --natpf1 "amule_u5,udp,,4885,,4885" VBoxManage modifyvm " (HowTos)