virtualbox 3.1.4 / opensuse 11.2 bridge interface error

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi folks, thanks for your time. I'm a bit of a noob so please excuse me if this is a stupid question. BTW I've spent a number of hours trawling through the forums and cannot find an answer.... I've installed VBox 3.1.4 via YaST -> Software Management Then I added a TAP interface to my machine via YaST -> Network Settings (this is to connect a VBox virtual machine to virtual Cisco switch via dynagen) Then I create a VM in VBox and I tell it to bridge to the TAP interface. When I start the VM, Virtualbox throws an error: --------------- Failed to start the virtual machine ACS. Failed to open/create the internal network 'HostInterfaceNetworking-tap0' (VERR_SUPDRV_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND). One of the kernel modules was not successfully loaded. Make sure that no kernel modules from an older version of VirtualBox exist. Then try to recompile and reload the kernel modules by executing '/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup' as root (VERR_SUPDRV_COMPONENT_NOT_FOUND). --------------- It doesn't matter what type of interface I bridge to (e.g. eth0), I still see the same error. I hope this isn't a stupid time wasting question. Thank you! (Distributions)