Virtual bridged networking with VLAN, could not ping

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http://serverfault.com – I require a virtual network with VLAN be build between two virtual hosts - which can be (lxc/ vbox -ubuntu or win xp). I tried with lxc and vbox with Ubuntu and was finding difficult for with vlan to work, but was successful with vbox with xp. vbox-xp1 --- br1 ---------------- br2 ---- vbox-xp2 The config is: brctl addbr br1; brctl addbr br2 ifconfig br1 up; ifconfig br2 up stp br1 off; stp br2 off ip link add name br1-br2-l0 type veth peer name br1-br2-l1 sudo brctl addif br1 br1-br2-l0 sudo brctl addif br2 br1-br2-l1 vbox - xp 1 and 2 with network ; bridged and br1 (HowTos)