video driver ATI 5470 dont load

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http://askubuntu.com – I am struggling against the black screen in my laptop (pavilion dv7 4177nr) during four days without good results. Iam following the recomendations of unoficial wikipeda http://www2.cchtml.com/ about install fglrx, or, at least leave my screen OK with free drivers OpenGL But I suposse that I have a broken pkg o something strange, My information is in these pastebins: http://pastebin.com/tS9xa8v4 uname-a http://pastebin.com/Z71iaxMT lspci-nn http://pastebin.com/DHCgX3L7 Xorg.0.log.old.txt http://pastebin.com/AF8WK7Xw Xorg.0.log.txt http://pastebin.com/gKxTCeii locate.ids . Xo (HowTos)