Vibrator.vibrate(long) causing frequent application restarts on LG-E730

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http://stackoverflow.com – If I am using the Vibrator.vibrate(long) on an LG-E370 this is causing frequent application restarts. The vibrator permission has been added to the manifest and the vibrator vibrates up to 5 times before the app is restarting. How can I vibrate reliably? I added the output of a stacktrace to my onPause() and this is what I get: 04-02 14:39:36.384: dalvik.system.VMStack.getThreadStackTrace(Native Method) 04-02 14:39:36.384: java.lang.Thread.getStackTrace(Thread.java:737) 04-02 14:39:36.384: com.evotegra.aCoDriver.ACoDriverActivity.onPause(ACoDriverActivity.java:94) 04-02 14:39:36.384: an (HowTos)