vi editor not working as per my desire

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – 1) I use ubuntu12.10. I run Code: :map! #3 (esc):w(ctrl-M) This I ran to save my current editing file in editing mode. But it doesn't work. When I press F3, a letter appears on my vi editor file. I think it was all working fine on fedora9 what i was using earlier. 2) Also, to complete a word on vi editor, i use ctrl-p. It isn't working on ubuntu12.10 which was working fine on fedora9. ctrl-p works on linux. So is it that ubuntu12.10 is not linux. 3)I am new to ubunt12.10. I don't know why while working on vi editor, the cursor automatically moves to a different place like it goes to vie (HowTos)