Very Impressed with Fedora 11

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – hey all, new to the forums, names Jason, always been a windows user since 98, been on XP Home and Pro since they launched,Got Vista Ultimate 64bit on my new PC I built and is awaiting Windows 7. Anyway, I always knew about Linux but never tried it,2 days ago I was doing a little research,along with watching some youtube videos, and out of all the OS's out there, Fedora appealed to me the most, I got a spare old PC that needs formating, Pentium 4 2.6ghz, 2.5gb ram, around 80GB etc, unused for maybe 3 years so I thought why not? Downloaded Fedora 11, installed it, updated it, been adding programs from the add/remove, adding games and other applications, messing around with the real time wallpaper change and desktop effects,getting used to everything being up top! ( taskbars etc ), and I think I might be using Fedora 11 on my main PC, I think I fell in love with this OS ( as corny as that sounds ). I still have to get used to it;the interface mainly,as i'm used to everything being at the bottom ( windows ), I probably have to stop adding programs; might slow the OS down, and it feels much much faster than any Windows I currently got installed. I noticed Fedora 11 only using around 160mb-400mb of ram on my 2.5gb System, which is great as my XP Pro always hovers around the 600mb/800mb mark when doing similar tasks. Gotta figure out how to defrag on Fedora! I wonder if all my most used windows programs can be used in Fedora,along with my PC hardware, I already had trouble with soundblaster on Vista, going to experiment and do some research just to make sure everything ok, I read abit about " wine ", but I need to learn how to enable it etc. Love the fact Linux are hard to fall victim to viruses, but I still enabled the AV in Fedora. Probably due to an old windows habbit of needing frontline security around the clock. But yeah, my feedback on Fedora, as its only been my second/third day,ever using any kind of Linux OS, maybe its the change that appeals to me, or the fact its free and open source, I might be picking up the Fedora 11 Bible I seen at the local book shop, $99 though, but I want to know how everything works and such. On the path into being a full convert, love the OS, will be sticking around and using future releases in the future. Jason. (HowTos)