VCL - configuration for Magento and Varnish 3.0.2

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http://serverfault.com – Hello to serverfault users, I would like to kindly ask if there's someone who can help me configure Varnish for Magento to reach far more hits. My current ratio from varnishstat is: 1. cache_hit=271 2. cache_miss=926 I'm kindly asking this because I've googled almost every site related to this theme, but 99.9% of configurations don't work because of outdated code. Details of my set-up: I use Varnish on port 80, Apache on port 81, PageCache as Magento varnish module, APC for PHP speed and Memcached for dynamic caching. Load speed is about 1.5s on home-page (Pingdom.com average results) > (HowTos)