Various F12 sound issues

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – prescript; I dunno whether this should go in software or hardware, if it belongs in the software forum feel free to move it. I'm having two problems with sound, not sure whether they're related or what. 1. USB audio doesn't produce sound below a certain volume. 2. The volume range is much different from F11. I don't recall whether they had the same endpoints, but in F12 the lower range is much more compressed: -100 to -50 dB occupy the first 15%, -50 to 0 dB the rest. Makes it a lot trickier to finely manipulate volume. USB audio mentioned is Koss USB dongle, identified by pulseaudio as C-Media USB Headphone Set, internal audio is HDA intel. edit: I just noticed the existence of a General Support forum, dunno how I missed that. Could a mod move this there please? Obliged. (HowTos)