UUID for vfat partition?

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I recently upgraded from Fedora 9 to Fedora 11 on a dual boot system. (I used a fresh install rather than using the upgrade option.) Windows XP rsides on /dev/sda and Linux on /dev/sdb. During installation, UUIDs were asigned to my partitions, but I made a mistake with the vfat partitions on /dev/sda. Namely, there are actually three partitions sda1 (Dell untilities) . sda2 (C:), and sda5 (D:). I confused sda1 with sda2, so the former was assigned a UUID and was mounted via /etc/fstab instead of sda2. I have fixed that by using /dev/sda2 in place of the UUID. I presume /dev/sd2 doesn't have a UUID. I think I understand how to add a UUID, but I want to be sure that won't interfere with SP reading the paritions. So just where is that UUID put, and how can I do it so as to be sure no thing goes wrong on the XP level? (HowTos)