Using OpenSuse server for load balancing multi Internet

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http://forums.opensuse.org – I have OpenSuse 11.1 installed in a system as server (without graphics). We have 3 NICs, 2 of them connected to 2 different ISPs through gateways, as follows: IPs for NICs: IP1=; IP2= dev=eth2 Gateways: GW1=; GW2= dev=eth3 Third NIC connected into the internal network with and IP= dev=eth0 We added ip routes and rules as follows (used tables created with vim in the rt_table file with numbers 20 & 30): ip route add NET1 dev DEV1 src IP1 table TB1 ip route add default via GW1 table TB1 ip route add NET2 dev DEV2 src IP2 table TB2 ip route add default via GW2 table TB2 ip rule add from NET1 table TB1 ip rule add from NET2 table TB2 ip route add default scope global nexthop via GW1 dev DEV1 weight WG1 nexthop via GW2 dev DEV2 weight WG2 from the server I could ping Yahoo! and ping any PC connected in the internal network (192.168.11.xxx). Fro PCs I could ping all the IPs of the server but not the GWs neither any web site, I couldn't surf either. So do you have a solution for this? I need it to make it running for the company I am working with. Thank you (Distributions)