Using an external drive as a root device?

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Dear all, I have a large external drive, which I connect to my laptop via a PCMCIA card - the machine is old and does not have USB 2.0 built in, so I use the PCMCIA card for that. I am thinking of the following setup, and hope you can give me some tips on whether or not that would be a sound solution: - designate a boot partition on the laptop's internal hard drive, which could store kernels - make up a linux partition (or more than one) to use as root for any distribution on the external drive - keep /home as separate partition on the external drive My goal in mind is to be able to boot more than one Linux partition from the external drive. I can't make it through USB boot because the PCMCIA card is not recognized before a kernel module is loaded, and I can't use the internal USB 1.1 port for the external drive. Do you think this is the way to go? Currently, I only have my /home partition mounted off the external drive. Thanks in advance for any input. (Distributions)