Using a DBM RewriteMap to rewrite thousands of legacy URLs

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http://serverfault.com – Organization I'm working for is implementing a new CMS. As such, a vast number of URLs (say tens of thousands) will be being rewritten to new ones. Some of them may be 302'ed to the new URI pattern, like: RewriteRule ^/articles/articlename.html /new/article/taxonomy/and/such.html [R,L] Others, we'll want to pass-through to the CMS backend so that the end-user sees the same URL, though it's served from the new path internally, like RewriteRule ^/articles/article2.html /content/en/new/article/path/article2.html [PT,L] I was planning to put this in a pair of FAT DBM rewritemaps, so as to (HowTos)