Using the 'at' command in a CGI script

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http://forums.opensuse.org – This is on openSUSE-11.1 i586 if that matters. I have a CGI script written in bash which will create some file and spit out a webpage linking to that file. The script is run as user=wwwrun group=www by apache2. The file should be deleted after 2 minutes. The relevant part of the script looks like (simplified): Code: #!/bin/bash # echo "<h1>Hello world</h1>" > some-file.html echo "rm -f some-file.html" | at now + 2 minutes # some more code follows ... I checked that wwwrun is not in /etc/at.deny and that no /etc/at.allow exists. However, the file is not deleted after 2 minutes. What is wrong here? (Distributions)