using a 2D array as a 1D. got stuck!

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http://www.daniweb.com – I am a C programmer. I am working on a C++ code and translating it into C. I got stuck in a point where I do not understand what is going on. I would kindly ask if you would mine help me to understand these problems. I have three problems: 1)There are two arrays with different length: vector<double> D; double temp[5]; //and then: D.resize(3, temp); Does the programmer wants to copy temp[0], temp[1], and temp[2] into D[0], D[1], and D[2] ? 2)There is a two dimensional array vector<vector<double> > F; it is initialized like this: F.resize(3, temp); Since temp[5] is a one dimensional array, is it possible to copy it into a two dimensional array? Finally array F which is a two dimensional array is passed as a one dimensional array into a function like this: //declaration of function void do(vector<double> & F); main(){ // now F which is sopposed to be a two dimensional array is used like for(int I; i<3; i++) do(F[i]); // !!!!!!!!!!!!! } In C it is not possible as far as my knowledge. Is this possible in C++? Thanks in advance for your kind help. (General)