User permissions linux. (proftpd / nginx)

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http://serverfault.com – I've been having a complete nightmare trying to configure proftpd. I've got proftp server working with an sql database. However I want to have any files uploaded able to viewed by the webserver running on the same box. The folders get created in /var/tmp/ as rwx------ 2 ftpuser ftpgroup 4096 Oct 8 20:35 50730c4346512 drwx------ 2 ftpuser ftpgroup 4096 Oct 8 20:38 50730f3a811ca I've tried adding www-data to group with the following usermod -g www-data ftpuser But this doesn't allow the web server access. In proftpd.conf I have the following umask set Umask (HowTos)