User login fails

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Here is the situation. Yesterday I installed 11.2, gnome, on a desktop box, all seemed to go well. I shut down at night to save power. Login the next day (today), as user, fails silently. Login screen shows full name, I enter pw, and screen goes black as tho it is getting ready to start the desktop. Then the login screen comes back. I can login as root. Pw's are NOT the same. 1. I checked the settings. User is not denied login. Assigned user to groups root, users, video, sshd, wheel. 2. Changed pw. Restart. Login failed. 3. Changed pw again, in case special characters were causing pw recognition fail, used all alpha-num. Restart. Login fail. 4. Delete user. Save. Recreate user. Save. restart. Login fail. Weird. I look in /var for logs that might help. Don't really know what I'm looking for, but I look. I don't find anything relevant (nvidia fail, but I knew that, and that doesn't seem like it should be it. BUT, in the Windows world, I know having a problem vid driver could cause weird, illogical stuff like this, so I will also continue to attempt to resolve the nvidia issue). What's up with this? Or, where should I look? (Distributions)