User gets rejected after system crash on CentOS

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http://unix.stackexchange.com – The power went out on my PC running CentOS 6.3 while I was logged in as a regular user. Since then, when I try to login from the GUI, my screen flashes to black then returns to the login screen, without any message (as if my user was rejected). I can still login as root. I checked the /etc/passwd file and everything is fine. Here is a partial dump of the /var/log/messages lines, linked to the login and immediate logout: Jan 7 09:06:59 localhost acpid: client connected from 3054[0:0] Jan 7 09:06:59 localhost acpid: 1 client rule loaded Jan 7 09:07:00 localhost rtkit-daemon[2701]: Sucessfu (HowTos)