User account refuses keyboard input

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http://forums.opensuse.org – openSuse v11.1 Linux x86_64 VirtualBox v3.1.0 This is just weird. One user account completely ignores all keyboard input. No other account demonstrates this bizarre behavior. The faulty account has had occasional keyboard difficulty but it has always been related to the Virtual Machines (VirtualBox); the hosting account always functioned correctly. Then the ban on keyboard input. Poof! "Keyboard? What keyboard? I don't see no stinking keyboard!" It is not the physical keyboard. Three different hardware exhibit the same fault. It is not the motherboard; two mb's show the same fault. It is only that one account. And I even took the Windows route of re-installing the OS (what a waste of time that was). If something changed, I am not aware of it (although something must have). Any ideas where to look? (Remember: I cannot type anything in that account.) (Distributions)