USB headset messing up system

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I'm posting this here because adding the headset is what caused the problems, but I'm not positive how to tell if it's a hardware or software issue. I just got a plantronics USB headset and am trying to get it working. When it is plugged in my computer stops accepting input from my (non USB) keyboard. I can click icons to open programs and files, but cannot type anything - no passwords, nothing in a terminal, etc. Sending files to my networked printer doesn't work either. As soon as I unplug the headset it all starts working again, without restarting X or rebooting. If I go into the Pulse audio device chooser and set the headset to default I can get sound in Rhythmbox but no desktop/notification sounds. I don't get sound in Firefox unless I reboot the computer (just restarting X will not fix it). Every time I reboot the computer the Pulse settings go back to the onboard sound card instead of the headset and I have to reselect the headset as default, but most programs don't seem to notice that it has changed and I'm not sure how to make it switch without a reboot, which clears the settings (rinse, repeat). I'm using FC11 (x86_64) and nothing else on the system has changed except going from non USB to a USB headset. If I plug the old headset back in and reboot it all works as it did before but that headset has a broken mic and only gets sound in one ear - hence the new headset. (HowTos)