Upgraded 9>10>11: A) No audio in Gnome" B) can't log into Gnome on GUI boot

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – The two issues I am seeking help with are: A) When I am in Gnome pulseaudio stops working. If I boot into CLI and stay in CLI, or if I switch out of Gnome to the console (Alt+Ctrl+F2), I can play audio files again. Switching back to Gnome mutes (and stops) the audio playback, switching back to CLI resumes audible playback. B) Login into Gnome GUI fails. I type in the username and password, the login screen goes away for a few seconds, then comes back with login prompt (no explicit errors anywhere). However, if I boot into CLI (kernel boot option "3"), log in, and do "startx", I am in Gnome, and all is (almost) normal, except for the audio and a few minor things Not sure how A and B are related, if at all. I am not seeing anything in the logs and don't know how to troubleshoot this. === some details on my upgrade: ================= I did "yum update" while in F9, without first running "preupgrade". (FWIW: Lots went wrong here; it resulted in a mixture of F9 and F10 rpm packages) Next, as a Hail Mary, I ran "preupgrade" in my barely-functional F10 upgrade system, then ran "yum update", which resulted in my having F9, F10, and F11 rpms installed -- mostly F11, some F10, and a few of F9. I managed to remove all the F9 packages, but the remaining F10 rpms persist, and are reinstalled by yum every time I removed them and run yum install <name of package>. The new (F11) system now seems to mostly work fairly well, but with a few problems. There was breakage of some shared objects (wget insisted it needed an OLDER version of an *.so file, until I did the dirty fix of creating a symlink named with the old version pointing to the new version, and other quirks); luckily all non-fatal. And the two big breakages I am posting about -- issues A & B at the top of this post. Thanks. Andrew (HowTos)