Unwanted (wrong) time change

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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – Hi. I installed fedora 9 live on a PC after a disk crash (previwsly was fc6). I installed all the software I need, and where possible I took the old configuration file from a backup I did some time ago. Now the system apepar to work as before, but I noticed that sometime the time changes automatically, to a wrong time (only few hours from the right one, with same timezone). I am not sure, but I think it changes not only at boot time. "chkconfig" say that "ntpd" and "ntpdate" are off on all runlevel (as information the system normally work on run level 3). Moreover the system is not connected to the internet; it is wired, but the proxy is not configured, and the result is that outside address are not reachable. I am going out crazy trying to understand what is periodically changing the time. It is important for me that the time is correct, becouse this PC should be a time server for others in the network. Thanks for any suggestion will arrive. Michele (HowTos)