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http://www.daniweb.com – Hello, I know i'm suppose to ask programming questions but i'm stuck on how to do it in the first place, the question is: You are given 4 information-gross pay, number of extra hours worked, the hourly pay rate, and the income tax rate. Calculate the overtime payment: Overtime payment = extra hours worked * hourly pay rate - deductions Deduction = social security + income tax + union dues totaling 5.00 Social security = 8.5% of the gross pay Income tax = rate of tax * gross pay I finish the code but the final answer which is 'overtime payment' i'm getting a negative value. I'm not sure if I went wrong in input or what, but I need some help on what the input should be. Thanks. #include<iostream> using namespace std; double social(double security); int uniondue = 5; int main() {         double gross,hours,tax;         double overtime=0;         double deduction=0;         int rate;         cout<<"****Xstyle Company****"<<endl;         cout<<"Gross Pay: ";         cin>>gross;         cout<<"Number of extra hours worked: ";         cin>>hours;         cout<<"Hourly pay rate: ";         cin>>rate;         cout<<"Income tax rate(%): ";         cin>>tax;         tax = (tax/100)*gross;         cout<<tax<<endl;         deduction = social(gross) + tax + uniondue;         cout<<deduction<<endl;         overtime = (hours * rate) - deduction;         cout<<overtime; return 0; } double social(double security) {         security = (0.085) * security;         return (security); } (General)