Unresolved Symbols linking w/ Boost Serialization under Ubuntu 12.10

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http://stackoverflow.com – I'll start by stating I'm feeling like a moron tonight. I'm trying to minimally reproduce a work issue I have under RHEL5.6, gcc 4.1.2, boost 1.44.0, with Boost Serialization. The environment I'm having this issue with is Ubuntu Server (with dev packages installed), gcc 4.7.2, and a build of boost 1.44.0 (against the system compiler, packages, etc). My code compiles cleanly, but I'm getting a myriad of undefined symbols related to various boost::archive types. Running strace on my make, I see it picking up the expected boost_serialization library: 668 43569 stat("/usr/local/boost/1.44.0/li (HowTos)