Unite Media Player, A Widget for Opera

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http://linuxers.org – There is now a Media Player widget available for Opera Browser, its Unite Media Player. The applications aims to provide a lot of simplicity to the user.  You can directly browser yours or your friend's music and play it right from their devices. No need of uploads/downloads or third party stuff, the music will be streamed from anywhere for you. The only requirement of this applicaiton is Opera 10.50 browser. So, first of all you will have to install the 10.50 Beta for Linux from here. Download either of the archives, .tar.bz2 or .gz and then extract it. You will find an executable in the extracted folder by the name "opera", run it and open the home page of Unite Media Player Widget. Now, launch the widget and it will automatically get downloaded and installed. You will be further instructed to share your Music collection. But you will need to have an account on either my.opera, dev.opera etc. to maintain your collection and to access your friends' shares. Best Feature The best thing that I consider about this player is its ability to stream directly from the other person's device. No, need to upload your collection on some server. Althought if your friend doesn't have a decent connection speed there is nothing you can do. (General)