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http://forums.fedoraforum.org – I have a friend same age group (OLD) that has Fedora and I am really interested. The unique I indicated in subject may only be my ineptitude and or comprehension challenges. Be assured I want Fedora on both of my units. The how presents the problem. 1. This notebook I am sending this from is 32 bit but has DVD capability 2. The other unit my desktop has no DVD capability but is AMD 64 My question and I am willing do do ALMOST anything to resolve the concern is how to (the step by step process) to download the image for both units and the torrent mirror. PS; that last is confusing to me I download the seed file which obviously puts me in a position to download a more secure image, but I fail always to find the mirror where the images are located. I thank you in advance as I know I am asking for a great deal. My hope is someone in the community is retired like myself but is more adept in Linux and Fedora then myself. (HowTos)