Unicorn, USR2 and the config file

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http://serverfault.com – My Bash script has the following code that doesn't throw an error. echo "Reloading Unicorn if USR2 is enabled" kill -USR2 `cat $PID` if [ -s $OLD_PID ] then kill -WINCH `cat $OLD_PID` && kill -QUIT `cat $OLD_PID` fi ;; The lack of error and the issuing of the new pid makes me think this works, but the old master or $OLD_PID stays around forever. Is it normal for the old pid to stay around for a long time? I get scared and just kill the thing, but I'm finally manning up to ask this question here. Pt 2, do you need to define USR2 in the unicorn.rb file? I remember a couple of years ago (HowTos)