Unexpected Echo Behavior

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http://www.unix.com – Hello all, I have a basic issue that I can't seem to search for since I'm not sure how to describe the behavior. Could anyone kindly assist the novice? (Sample) File Data: bundle-ppp-1/1.78 bundle-ppp-1/2.80 bundle-ppp-1/1.79 bundle-ppp-1/2.81 bundle-ppp-1/1.80 bundle-ppp-1/2.82 bundle-ppp-1/1.81 bundle-ppp-1/2.83 bundle-ppp-1/1.82 bundle-ppp-1/2.84 Code: # for all in `cat output`; do echo "/configure port $all shutdown"; done Expected output: /configure port bundle-ppp-1/1.78 shutdown Actual output: shutdowne port bundle-ppp-1/1.78 I see that it has taken the "shutdown&qu (HowTos)