Unable to read file with permissions of 777

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http://serverfault.com – I have a file which was saved to a CIFS share from Outlook. The file permissions are 777, so I should be able to read the file from the Linux host the file goes to. However when I try, I get file permission errors (unable to read the file). If I have the root user change the permissions (say from 777 to 775), I am then able to read the file as expected. I verified that I have permission to the directory, so that isn't the problem. BSD_6.3 [61234567] $ ls -l hwmconfigs.rar -rwxrwxrwx** 1 root wheel 41574 Jul 27 17:55 hwmconfigs.rar BSD_6.3 [61234567] $ file hwmconfigs.rar hwmconfigs.rar (HowTos)