Unable to load GLProfile on Android (maven repo 2.0rc11post06)

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http://stackoverflow.com – I'm unable to load JOGL on android using the maven repo version 2.0rc11post06 found at the jogl site. When I try to get any GLProfile the following expcetion is thrown: Profile GL2ES2 is not available on EGLGraphicsDevice[type .egl, connection decon, unitID 0, handle 0x1, owner true, NullToolkitLock[]], but: [] The logcat shows the following missing methods, although I have added the android natives as far I know (can post the pom.xml if requested): 03-05 21:51:11.935: INFO/SurfaceFlinger(1823): id=6382(381) createSurface (1600x480),-1 flag=20000, BlackSurface 03-05 21:51:11.935: INFO/o (HowTos)