Unable to list files in ascending order

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http://www.unix.com – Hi ! I am just trying to list my files in ascending order so that in some other software, I just want merge with some modification, when I list its coming like this Code: new-10.txt new-11.txt new-12.txt new-13.txt new-14.txt new-15.txt new-16.txt new-17.txt new-18.txt new-19.txt new-1.txt new-20.txt new-21.txt new-22.txt new-23.txt new-24.txt new-25.txt new-26.txt new-27.txt new-28.txt new-29.txt new-2.txt Code: awk 'NR==1 || $'$my_col'<p{close(f); f="'$name'-"++i".txt"}{print>f; p=$'$my_col'}' $file I used above awk script to write new file by using (HowTos)