Unable to install VirtualBox on Ubuntu 12.10: Kernel headers cannot be found

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http://askubuntu.com – I'm trying to install Virtualbox on Ubuntu 12.10 64bit, (Kernel 3.5.0-23). I've already installed dkms, build-essential, linux-source, linux-kernel-headers, ... . I still get this error: Error! Your kernel headers for kernel 3.5.0-23-generic cannot be found. Please install the linux-headers-3.5.0-23-generic package, or use the --kernelsourcedir option to tell DKMS where it's located The kernel headers and source are in their appropriate place: ls /usr/src linux-headers-3.5.0-23 linux-source-3.5.0 linux-headers-3.5.0-24 linux-source-3.5.0.tar.bz2 linux-headers-3.5. (HowTos)