Unable to get into Windows X P after OpenSUSE 11.2 installation

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http://forums.opensuse.org – Hi Guys, I'm new to Linux, I've been trying OpenSUSE Linux on live CD and I grew more and more fond of it and finally decided to install it onto an old computer that's running Win X P. I followed the installation Quickstart guide using the default options, including the proposed partition shrinking scheme. After that, Iwas able to get in to OpenSUSE smoothly. (Yay! now I dont need to setup wireless connections everytime I log in). But when Irebooted, I found that I'm no longer able to get into WinXP. I can choose to boot into Windows from the OpenSUSE boot splash screen (the GRUB?) .. and when I choose Windows, I can see the windows splash screen (the logo with the animated progress bar), and then the mouse cursor shows up and I was able to move the mouse but the windows login screen does not appear. There's only the mouse cursor on a black background... It doesnt get past this point no matter how long I wait. Does anyone know what seems to be the problem? For background info, my system is: Windows XP SP2 Pentium 4 2.4GHz 768 MB RAM 40 GB hard drive Original partition before installing OpenSUSE was: C: around 19+GB, 2.5GB free D: around 18+GB, 16GB free (I defragged this drive successfully before installing OpenSUSE). When I looked at this drive there's no files in it, and yet the free space does not tally with the total space, about 2GB different, I'm guessing this is WinXP's virtual memory/paging file? Partition structure after installing OpenSUSE: C: around 19+GB, 2.5GB free (no change) D: around 6 GB, its still empty, but shrunk F: around 9 GB, where OpenSUSE now resides G: around 1 GB, used for the 'swap' files? (as proposed by the default installation) Can anyone advise me please what do I need to do to get into Win X P? Any help is much appreciated, Thanks! :) (Distributions)