UEFI/GPT installation with raid and LVM.

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – Honestly, I think grub-efi is a PITA.  But you can have as many efi applications (bootloaders/boot managers) that you want on that ESP.  So for example, I have gummiboot, rEFInd, elilo, syslinux-efi, and grub2-efi right now... well my grub2-efi isn't really maintained.  But I primarily use gummiboot.  Gummiboot and rEFInd aren't actually bootloaders but rather, boot managers. That is they don't load the kernel and initramfs.  Instead, they simply launch other efi applications.  The kernel itself can be used as an efi application as of v3.3 and the i (HowTos)