UEFI system booting from MBR partition table and GRUB legacy

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https://bbs.archlinux.org – CSM in UEFI firmwares do the exact same job as normal BIOS firmware.So it's something specific to the Mac that it's able to boot from a partition's VBR while ignoring the MBR?The reason taht warning is given is because grub-legacy modifies more than just the MBR boot code region.  It can overwrite some parts of GPT header.Not true, the instruction is given in the context of an MBR format, not in the context of a GPT format, so there's nothing to overwrite and Stage 1.5 should be safely embeddable in the post-MBR gap.In BIOS boot (normal case in non-UEFI firmwares or CS (HowTos)