uclinux and custom keypad driver

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http://www.linuxquestions.org – Greetings to everyone, I'm working on a driver for a custom-made keypad (3x4). Target OS - uClinux and target architecture - arm7 (LPC2468). The board is connected to PC via serial port, so at the moment i use usual PC keyboard to type commands in terminal(PuTTY) which is also connected to uClinux. Problems appear right after insmod'ing of my keypad driver. A new input device is successfully registered and i can see correct keycodes on every key-pressing via printk, but these keycodes don't appear in terminal (like in case with PC-keyboard). The second problem is that after insmod'ing PC-keyboard behaves in a strange way. It means that only one key-pressing appears in the terminal while the rest are bufferized somewhere and appear only after key-pressing on my custom keypad. I guess that the interaction of two registered in uclinux keyboards at the same time is the source of described above issues. What do I want to achieve? I need to have only one (custom-made keypad) keyboard to be registered and used in a uClinux right after booting-up. And it's still unclear for me why do keycodes become detected correctly but don't appear in terminal - it's second question. I'm totally new to device driver development for linux so please don't laugh after reading this post. Please help me or point to the place to start from because of at the moment i have no ideas at all. Thank you very much for spending your time on me! P.S.: If it's neccessary, i can post the source text of keypad driver (HowTos)