[ubuntu] Work around for PROLINK PHS300 HSUPA USB MODEM.

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http://ubuntuforums.org – After spending 1 week of searching around, finally found a way to make it work! By default, it was not recognised in jaunty and karmic. You can use usb_modeswitch to change the modem mode but it'll be even easier to eject it. Thats why i created this script for the ease of own usage. Something to take note: The device doesn't activate scanning of available network in Linux. The led light will always be red. In order for it to scan, you have to plug it into a widoze machine and install whatever crap it comes with, wait for the led light to change(any color but red) and plug out without using the safe remove device in widoze. If you are interested in modifying it to your mobile BB device, please feel free to do so and share with others. One of the interesting guide to start http://tuxmobil.org/linux_on_laptops...mts_cards.html. Google it and there're more out there. PS: If you are not sure of what u are doing, please don't try on other device other then the above mention as I can't promise that it'll work or break anything. Do remember to change the permission for exec. Attached Files 3gusb.tar.gz (797 Bytes) (Hardware)