ubuntu won't boot

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http://www.linuxforums.org – i downloaded the iso for 9.10 and md5sum'd it (perfect) then burned it and booted and ran check disk for errors (also perfect) i then set up a partition in vista by following the exact instructions from the ubuntu forums (and allocated 48GB for ubuntu) and tried to install. it went fine for a while, then showed an error and shut down and rebooted from the live cd again. i tried to install again and on step 4 of install (after keyboard and time zone, etc) it says multiple os's found, the top partition bar shows (left to right) 7.9GB (my vista recovery) /dev/sda1, 94.1GB vista loader sda2, 45 GB sda 5, 2GB swap sda 6 then it asks where do i want to install --side by side, --erase and use entire disk, --no option( on 1st install it said 'use largest open continuous space', and i selected that one, -- specify manually below that is a second partition bar with 7.9GB sda1, 64 GB sda 2(vista), 30GB ubuntu 9.10 sda4, 2GB swap sda 6. should i just delete the partition and cross my fingers it installs right this time, or is there something else i can do? I am perplexed. any help is appreciated. tl dr-- perfect iso, perfect disk, error on install, no boot no GRUB, just taking up space (HowTos)