[ubuntu] Wireless Hotspot

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi, I have followed the instructions on http://thenewbieblog.wordpress.com/2...tup-on-ubuntu/ But I cannot even detect the hotspot from another laptop. WHY ? the following is from "tail /var/log/syslog" Mar 13 15:09:13 dell rtkit-daemon[1585]: Supervising 6 threads of 2 processes of 2 users. Mar 13 15:09:15 dell ntpdate[1669]: adjust time server offset 0.340063 sec Mar 13 15:09:24 dell NetworkManager[849]: (wlan0): IP6 addrconf timed out or failed. Mar 13 15:09:24 dell NetworkManager[849]: Activation (wlan0) Stage 4 of 5 (IPv6 Configure Timeout) scheduled… Mar 13 (Hardware)