[ubuntu] Why I think Ubuntu should keep 32 bit a while longer

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I have read threads posted where some people ask why Ubuntu keeps offering a 32 bit install and not just switch to 64 bit completely. I think the people making such posts have newer or the newest computers with dual core processors or the like. I for one an an example, why I believe it's important to keep the 32 bit available. I actually was using an old G4 Mac which, with os X on it, it is slow in my opinion (it ran faster with os 9.x which was non uninx and pre-Steve Jobs coming back and buying Next and bringing a wonderful revolution to Mac os by converting the old os to a Unix based o.s. [os x]). Anyways, I could have bought a new Mac (very expensive). I could buy a new PC (400$ if you have monitor, right?). However, my wife's work keeps updating their PC boxes and giving me old boxes like HP Pentium 4's (with 2 gigs ram) and Dell Pentium 4 desktops, etc... I have been able to put Ubuntu on these older boxes and actually Ubuntu seems to me like it runs much faster on these older boxes than a new box with Windows Vista or a new Mac box with the latest os X. My mother was using a very old iMac that I had put os x on and it ran painfully slow. I was able to give her one of these free boxes (pentium 4) that my wife's work gave me and put the latest Ubuntu on. She is so pleased now. She simply loves her "new" computer and continually thanks me. So I think the computers I'm using with Ubuntu are 32 bit (if not my argument is invalid). I'm attempting to argue that there is still a real need out here to keep a 32 bit version of Ubuntu available. Shucks, I'm getting free computers and using a free operating system and fell that I'm using a computer that's faster than the latest store bought Vista or Mac os X. Comments & replies please. (Hardware)