[ubuntu] WDC Advanced format drives and MDADM question

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi all, I've got a little file/web server box that runs Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit server with five 2TB Western Digital hard drives. The drives are the "Advanced format" type (i.e. 512/4096 byte sectors). Now, my setup is a RAID-6 array (/dev/md0) made up of /dev/sda thru /dev/sde. The hard drives have NO partitions. The RAID array is assembled out of /dev/sda etc.... NOT /dev/sda1 etc.... If I check the /dev/md0 array with parted, it shows that the array starts at byte 0 (I did a u b [units/byte] command). Since the drives are not partitioned, I am assuming that access to them starts (Hardware)