The Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest Continues - Lucid Lynx

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http://feedproxy.google.com – As many of you remember, last year for Karmic Koala there was a wallpaper contest. Users were able to submit wallpapers, and the ones that won were included in the default Ubuntu installation. In this upcoming release of Lucid Lynx, the same contest is running again. Before you jump in and submit any wallpapers, be sure to read the contest guidelines. Some of the guidelines are: Avoid prominent use of the Ubuntu logo. It appears in enough places already. No version numbers. Some individuals may desire to use an older theme, or use the latest theme in their older version of Ubuntu. Let your submission be about choice and do not use version numbers in your artwork. Avoid text, it calls for attention too much and will likely look bad when scaled. Plus it can't be translated easily. Be careful with small patterns, they might become uneven when scaled. Consider how the wallpaper will interact with the panels, icons and windows. Show restraint in your use of color tone and contrast. The wallpaper sets the scene for other elements, it is not the main act. You will need to create a Flickr account, and then join the Ubuntu Artwork Flickr group to submit your wallpapers. If you have submitted any wallpapers, then comment below linking to the wallpaper. You might just be lucky enough for me to bless your wallpaper and use it on my desktop. (HowTos)