[ubuntu] USB keyboard issue

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hi All, I recently have started using a full sized USB keyboard (with a number pad) with an Asus laptop. I plugged it in and it worked fine from the word go. The issue is that is seems to have stuffed up the key mapping on the inbuilt laptop keyboard. The number pad that is on the inbuilt keyboard uses the same keys as the letter part, only normally one has to push down the Fn key to use it. Since I have started using the USB keyboard, the inbuilt keyboard behaves as if the Fn key is already down, and to get at the normal keys you have to use the Fn key. All other keys function as per normal. This issue persists even after the USB keyboard is unplugged and the machine rebooted. Any comments/suggestions are appreciated, thanks for all the great work you people do here. (Hardware)