[ubuntu] Upgrade to Precise, Rygel renderer stop working

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I've got an Ubuntu headless (KVM) running Rygel/Playbin as UPnP renderer, it was working fine before upgrade. The UPnP renderer was set up in Natty from Chris S. ppa (Rygel 0.10), then upgraded to Precise (Rygel 0.14). After upgraded to Precise, the rygel renderer stop working. Rygel process will start without problem, but it will give out error message whenever trying to play music to it: Here is log: Code: GstLaunch-Message: rygel-gst-launch-plugin.vala:28: Plugin 'GstLaunch' disabled by user, ignoring.. Rygel-Message: New plugin 'Playbin' available Tracker-Message: rygel-tra (Hardware)