[ubuntu] Ubuntu 11.04 not booting after deleting other partition

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http://ubuntuforums.org – Hello, I previously had 4 partitions on my computer, in order of on hard drive: 1. NTFS 2. FAT32 3. Linux swap 4. Ext4 (Ubuntu 11.04) However, they weren't in that order in the partition table (ie. I think the Ext4 was /dev/sda1 maybe). Anyway, I used GParted to delete the FAT32 partition, so: 1. NTFS 2. Linux swap 3. Ext4 I can load Windows from GRUB2 (as before) but when I load 11.04, it does weird stuff. The first time I tried to load 11.04 it came up with the loading screen and nothing happened (for >30 min). Now it comes up with a black screen, besides a blank terminal prompt (Hardware)