Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.2 Release and upgrade/download link included

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http://ubuntuguide.net – Ubuntu  Tweak has released a new version 0.5.2.This release has a few bug fixed and friendly improvment. Since version 0.5 brought “Application Center” and “Source Center” with synchronizing function,user can easily get more fresh softwares.Despite user always didn’t know what has updated after every sync. So Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.2 add new item highlight in App and Source Center. Bug fixed: Ubuntu Tweak > System menu > Nautilus options Python bug during startup Cancel button won’t work when choosing a new GNOME menu logo icon Crashes on choosing window manager configuration Metacity reports error with: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘replace’ typo in LockDown.py typo in nautilus.py Download/Upgrade to this new version Download deb or source package from:https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-tweak/0.5.x/0.5.2 If you have add the PPA source and installed an old Ubuntu-Tweak version,you can check and upgrade from Update-Manager (System->Administration->Update Manager).Or,use this command to install all available updates: sudo apt-get upgrade Share Related posts: Install/Upgrade latest Ubuntu-Tweak in Ubuntu9.10/9.04/8.10/8.04 Ubuntu New:Ubuntu Tweak 0.5.0 released Upgrade ubuntu 9.04(Jaunty) to ubuntu 9.10(Karmic) using update manager (HowTos)