[ubuntu] Trying to find 2nd public ip address on network

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http://ubuntuforums.org – HOPEFULLY SOMEONE CAN HELP, IM LOST!! I have a CENTOS server that I can ssh into using one of my public IP addresses I have memorized. I have to RDP into my windows server 2008 machine, but I don't know the public IP address of that part of the network. If I can ssh into my CENTOS server, which has a direct feed from my T1 (it goes from my T1 modem directly to my CENTOS server box), I can get into other Linux machines on the network. The other machines are also running into the switch, but the caveat is that I have my AT&T DSL going into a router with fire wall (port 3389 open and routed to the windows server 2008 machine) and then going into the same switch. So, my question is, since I have forgotten my other public IP, how would I find that IP from the command line of the CENTOS server box? I dont think it matters, but I am using an Ubuntu 9.10 on my home machine. I ssh into the CENTOS machine from the command line on the home Ubuntu machine. Can anyone tell me a command or group of commands that would tell me the public IP address of the DSL connection on my network? (HowTos)