[ubuntu] Toshiba T110/00D woes :'(

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http://ubuntuforums.org – The Toshiba T110/00D doesn't like Ubuntu very much at all. Here are the problems Ubuntu has on it: 1. Wifi doesn't want to work. Its a RealTek RTL8191SE, and no matter what I do (I did all that was on this site and I'm still trying the suggestions on it). I don't know if the driver for the RTL8192SE will work as well, though hopefully Ubuntu 10.04 finally releases a fix for this very annoying problem. Until then, anyone with a RTL8191SE enjoying wireless freedom on Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit, or even better, Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha 1 (via LiveUSB)? 2. Screen brightness won't change. Even in the Alpha, it won't change, even after I use the buttons to get it to do so. Funny thing is, notify-OSD comes up with the notifications saying that the screen brightnesses changed. No idea what's happening there :o. Anyone know how to get this working as well? 3. The webcam doesn't work. And I have no idea how to find out which model it is so I can finally try searching for a fix for it. How would I search to find what the model of the webcam is? 4. I don't think the microphone works either, and its the same situation with the webcam. How do I get it working? NOTE: I am using an Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit Alpha 1 (fully updated) because its the only Ubuntu I know that has ethernet working (wouldn't work in 9.10). When I eventually install 10.04 onto an SD card, then I'll let you know if there is any progress on any of the above. (Hardware)