[ubuntu] Toshiba Satellite M505 overheating problem

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http://ubuntuforums.org – I purchased new Toshiba Satellite M505-S4945 laptop and installed 64-bit Jaunty. Everything works great except that the fan cannot be turned on due to broken ACPI tables from Phoenix BIOS. The fan makes a big difference (40C vs 70+C). I found an omnibook module from sourceforge that is supposed to fix some issues with Satellite laptops, but I was unsuccessful compiling it, probably because the types of supported laptops do not include Satellite M505. I am not a developer nor a programmer, so I cannot fix the source code of omnibook module myself to add my specific model nor can I find it from terminal. I was wondering if someone has M505 and could resolve this ACPI issue or if someone had to modify the omnibook driver (attached below) to include a specific laptop model (I believe, it is in laptop.h file). I would greatly appreciate any advise. P.S. After my laptop woke-up from the sleep, the fan started working immediately, but now it just runs continuously (at least temp fell to 44C). Attached Files omnibook-2.20070211.tar.gz (62.4 KB) (Hardware)