[ubuntu] toshiba a305d-s6848 (ati x1250) 9.10 live cd results

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http://ubuntuforums.org – this is a little info for ppl who want to know before they download if it will even work on the live cd.. i wasted lots of time trying to find out if this pc would even run karmic. right now im on karmic live cd.. so all the info is from the live cd and probably will be different once a real install is done.. but here are the things i found so far.. i normally run 9.04 and can do almost anything except games under 9.04 the temps get to hot.. well karmic has the same issue.. that appears not to have changed.. i use a huwaie e160 gsm usb modem.. i found i had to boot the live cd with it in the usb port to work.. it took a while to figuere out why it didnt work.. first.. you cant have any 1.1 usb hubs on it.. or it will not work.. it will say connected look connected but will not get on internet.. i had to unplug my hub.. 2nd whatever the defaults are for your gsm just save them in your network configuration and save and exit.. after that open and edit the connections.. to suit your network.. do not use the hub as it will disconnect you from the network.. using gkrellm and the dmesg i found that my cpu is 10c hotter then reported by gkrellm.. under the dmesg i seen a warning that it wasnt being read correctly.i checked /proc/acpi/processor and looked at the temp 10c higher then reported. 9.10 has the lack of thermal triggers , and only shows the critical 105c. no change there. i will include the dmesg for both 9.04 and 9.10 so you can see.. remember alot of the dmesg has to do with the usb as my hub seems to conflict with the usb gsm. i cant try network or wireless as i do not use them also here is my read out for glx for the ati 1250 video chip ~$ glxinfo | grep vendor server glx vendor string: SGI client glx vendor string: SGI OpenGL vendor string: DRI R300 Project after getting the little things working it seems quite do able.. the fan still states off under/ acpi/thermal and pfa1 still reports off.. but the processors state 8 throttle states.. 9.04 says none after custom dsdt.. acpi seems to work. i can adjust screen brightness and the soft touch buttons atleast work mute. i didnt try hibernate or suspend as i dont know if they are supported in live cd.. the temps is the only thing bothering me.. it isnt reading the temps right.. and 9.04 atleast read the temps correctly.. and 8.04 wouldnt even install.. it hangs.. 8.11 seems to install and run cooler.. i already had 9.04 . i hate to uninstall and reinstall older software that might have other problems i didnt see in the live cd.. i havent decided to try 9.10 yet.. also the bios bug is still reported under 9.11 .. one last thing.. i tried the dsdt edit and it found 0 erros 0 warnings and 15 optimizations.. so dsdt data isnt bad atleast with this ( a305d-s6848).. under 9.04 i seen no improvements running custom dsdt.. i was told 9.10 doesnt use custom dsdt so cant make a comparison. one last comment.. i did try the newest open suse.. it fails at hal. the only way to get to kde was to hit ctrl+c then no keyboard or mouse just frozen welcome screen.. thats only included for people thats looking for the right distro of linux to run on their pc.. im a noob to linux but played with it for a long time.. just finally gave up on windows.. hopefully even if i didnt get it all right someone can look at this and gain some insight and help someone else.. as i am only able to provide some info and no answers.. atleast i try to help people.. Attached Files dmesg_dsdt_12-15-09.zip (14.6 KB) dmesg_ubuntu_9.10.zip (16.9 KB) (Hardware)